Put a Land Rover to the Test at the Land Rover Ice Academy

Land Rovers are the most luxurious, capable SUVs on the road; but since most drivers stick to the pavement, it's not often that they get to use the incredible capabilities that only a Land Rover can deliver. Land Rover Experience Drives are one-of-a-kind adventures in state-of-the-art Land Rover vehicles with professional drivers on incredible courses throughout the world. The latest performance drive experience is the Ice Academy; this experience takes place in the heart of the Swedish Lapland in Arjeplog, with frozen lakes and specially designed tracks that allow you to push each vehicle to its full potential. Most of us drive our Land Rovers on pavement as a means of day-to-day transportation, and don't have the opportunity to really unleash the full potential of a Land Rover. At the Ice Academy you'll have the opportunity to put the Range Rover Sport or the Jaguar F-TYPE through their paces in a vast icy tundra, experiencing exercises like the Drit Circle, the Figure of Eight, and a range of tracks and the Off-Road Trail. You'll be accompanied by expert instructors who will impart you with the skills and knowledge you need to take on the icy wilderness. If you're not quite ready for the Ice Academy, stop by the dealership for a test drive and see what the Range Rover Sport can do on pavement!

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