4-Wheel Drive vs. Four-Legged Friends: The New Land Rover Discovery squares off against a dog-sledding champ in a race to see who really rules the ice!

Land Rover has long been renowned not only for its refined ride quality on the road, but also for its capable performance off the road, and there's no better evidence of that than the new Land Rover Discovery Sport here at Land Rover Norwood. However, while the Land Rover Discovery Sport certainly has a pedigree for doing well in slippery conditions, recently Land Rover put it to the test against six off-road beasts with actual pedigrees, and the result might not be what you'd expect.

Yes, many of us here in Massachusetts travel with our pets, but not the way that Finnish dog sled racing champion Laura Kääriäinen does. She and her team of six huskies have taken on the most challenging, slippery terrain imagineable, and as you can see from the video above, they gave the new Land Rover Discovery a run for its money. Still, the Land Rover Discovery comes out ahead, making it a great fit for those who love to race dog sledding champions through icy tunnels in Europe…or even those brave enough to drive around the Boston area in January. We're still not quite sure which of those two options is more dangerous.

If you'd like to see what the new Land Rover Discovery can really do, feel free to visit us at Land Rover Norwood for a test drive at your earliest convenience.

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