How to Prep Your Luxury Car for Spring

If you own a luxury car, then you know it's important to preserve your investment by staying on top of regular maintenance. The most important time for maintenance is the change of the seasons, especially the transition into Spring. It's time to identify any issues the tough winter weather and roads may have caused and bring your Land Rover in for some Spring Car Care for luxury cars near Boston. Read on to learn all things you can do to help your vehicle in the Spring.

Remove Winter Tires and Other Winter Tools

Now that we're finally out of the danger zone for more snowstorms, it's time to take off those snow tires. Something less obvious that may help is to take out any other gear you needed for the winter. Removing shovels, ice melt, and other winter necessities will shave off weight and help optimize your performance.

Get a Detail Done

Luxury vehicles like the Land Rover have world-class interiors with high-quality fabric, it is crucial to get your vehicle detailed to avoid damage from excess sand and salt.

Check Your Battery and Fluids

Just like any vehicle, it's good to get your battery and your fluid levels checked when you bring your vehicle in. We will check the vitals on your luxury vehicle quickly so you can get in and out of our Service Center near Newton.

Check Alignment and Suspension

Winter messes up Brookline roads, and messed up roads damage your luxury car's alignment and suspension. Our service professionals will help you diagnose and fix any issues those Norwood potholes have caused.

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