Go On An Adventure In A New Land Rover Today

Land Rover, as a company, makes the most capable vehicles on the market if you're looking to go to the edges of the globe. They have a full lineup of cars that are dedicated to purity of adventuring, and another subsection of vehicles that are focused on getting you anywhere you want to go in style. Our team at Land Rover Norwood can help you differentiate between these two lineups and choose the vehicle that has everything you need.

The first vehicle in Land Rover's lineup is the Discovery Sport. The new Discovery Sport is a compact SUV that focuses on versatility. It can get your family around Boston, or it can help you traverse an ungroomed trail. The Discovery Sport is up for whatever challenge you throw at it. Next up is the legendary Defender. The Defender was recently revamped and revitalized. This breath of fresh air has made the Defender one of the best SUVs to take a crew to the most remote places on the planet. The final SUV in the standard Land Rover lineup is the Discovery. The Discovery combines all of the adventuring gadgets you get on the other models with a more refined experience around Quincy.

Land Rover Range Rover vehicles are focused on being as comfortable as possible, while still being able to take on the terrain that is presented to them. The Range Rover lineup starts with the Evoque. The Evoque is a compact SUV that is great for city use but can also be used for mild adventuring outside of Brookline. The Velar is the newest vehicle in the Range Rover lineup, and it provides a great mixture of performance and capability. The Range Rover Sport is the midsize SUV of the lineup, and it is perfect for getting your family across Newton. The final vehicle in the lineup is the Range Rover. The Range Rover is made to take you anywhere you want to go, without taking you out of an insulated cocoon of luxury.

Here at Land Rover Norwood, we know it is hard to pick which one of these vehicles is best for your situation just by listening to a brief description. That is why we recommend you stop by our showroom, and our team can help you pick out which vehicle makes the most sense for your applications.

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