At Land Rover Norwood, we want you to be aware of the beneficial safety features the Land Rover's have to help you during the winter season. We all know just how harsh the weather conditions can get this time of year and how important it is to have the right vehicle to tackle these conditions. Below you will find a brief list of winter safety features the Land Rover has to offer you:

Terrain Response

The terrain response feature allows you to choose the right setting for the type of condition you are driving in around Quincy. For instance, if the roads are slick with snow and ice, you can choose that setting to make sure your Land Rover is getting enough traction to keep from sliding around the road.

InControl Protect

InControl Protect is a very beneficial feature, especially if you are living in the Boston area. With this feature, you are given 24-hour road assistance in case of an emergency. All you have do is simply push a button and wait for help to be on their way. This is most certainly a feature you are going to want to have during the coldest days of the year.

Hill Descent Control

If the area you are living in has hills throughout the city, you will love having hill descent control during the winter season. With this feature, your Land Rover will monitor your slipping and will automatically brake for you in necessary situations. This means that you can go at your desired speed while having the security of this feature, stopping you before you slip off the road. Not having this feature on the days when the streets in Newton and Brookline area are slick can easily cause you to slide off the road while going up any decent size hill.

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