Without a doubt, the winters in Massachusetts can be among the toughest in the nation. Freezing weather and pounding snowstorms can cripple a community. When the temperature changes, you don't want to be caught off guard. You bought your luxurious Land Rover from Land Rover Norwood because of its ability to adapt to the changing climate in Newton and Brookline. But no vehicle is invisible. That is why you need to take measures to ensure you are ready before the storms arrive.

When it comes to getting your Land Rover winter-ready, you are just a few clicks away. The service team at Land Rover Norwood knows what it takes to get you prepared before tackling the icy terrain. When the time comes for your next oil service, schedule your visit and let us winterize your Land Rover.

There are several things to consider when it comes to getting ready for the colder weather. From your windshield wipers on top to your tires down below and everything in between, if one item isn't working properly, you might regret it when Jack Frost arrives.

  • Don't Wait Until December: You may have noticed, but the winter season doesn't stick to a set calendar. Freezing temperatures have already arrived, and snowy conditions are right around the corner. There is no better time to get prepared than now before the season really takes hold. It is better to be early than late in this case.
  • Change Your Oil Number: When the colder temperatures set in, your engine will start working harder to stay lubricated. The experts in our service department will make sure your engine gets the oil it needs, which means going with a lower weight. Your oil will thicken as it gets colder. A thinner viscosity prevents wear-and-tear from winter driving.
  • Check Your Tires: As simple as inspecting the tread depth and inflation level. Poor tire tread can mean the difference between confidently gripping the road and ending up on the side of the road in Quincy. Let Land Rover Norwood install new all-season tires to give you the ultimate in luxury winter driving.
  • Inspect Your Windshield Wipers: Few things can hinder your visibility as much as poor windshield wipers. If your look frayed or cracking, you will merely smear the snow and ice across your windshield, instead of effectively wiping it away. Besides replacing your wipers, winter washer fluid to maximize your visibility.

Other issues to consider for your Land Rover is checking your battery life, antifreeze, and coolant. Take the worry out of your winter preparations. You take care of winterizing your home, let Land Rover Norwood take care of your Land Rover.

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