You've taken the first steps towards purchasing a Luxury Land or Range Rover now it is important to consider financing option.  Will you be trading in a car? Buying a new vehicle upfront? Or leasing?  We are here to help you figure out your best options for both your wallet and lifestyle. Before you take these next steps, we want to help you understand what buying and leasing mean. Near Boston, there is a wide array of income, and we want to be accessible to all.

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When leasing a car it is important to think about your lifestyle because leasing does come with restrictions in some areas.  If you will not be traveling long distances beyond Newton and have no desire to customize or sell your vehicle, then leasing is a great option.  If you choose to lease, you must be careful about the number of miles you drive, scratches, dings, and dents as well as modifications.  The car that you lease will ultimately be the exact car you return after a couple of years for a new one.

Some of the many benefits of leasing is you will be driving a new car every two to three years. So you won't have to worry about the Brookline winters wearing down your vehicle over the years.  You also will be paying a lower monthly payment in comparison to if you were going to get a loan that you would pay off with higher monthly payments.


When buying a car or SUV you have a few payment options.  You can choose to pay upfront the entire amount, or you can take a loan out and pay monthly payments until the loan is paid off. You then own the car and are free to do with it what you will.  Buying a car gives you the flexibility unlike leasing, to modify your vehicle as well and resell it. There are many Range and Land Rover buyers in the Newton area.  You also will not be charged extra fees if you scratch or dent your vehicle.

We are not far from Quincy MA and are happy to have you come in and explore your Buying and leasing options. We understand what you love about our new and used models and are excited that you are interested!