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We are committed to providing the best customer experience you will find. Anywhere. We value our customers like few companies do, but more than anything, we value your time and your interests like they are our own. We realize our employees are the backbone of our business. They are the people that we trust with our most important commodity: the customer. We trust our employees to think and act using three basic principles: trust, transparency, and loyalty. We strive to build an environment that is a fun place to work. When our employees enjoy coming to work, it adds to an atmosphere that is exciting and enjoyable for the consumer. This also builds loyalty not just between our customers and our group, but also from our employees. Finding the right people is key, and we take pride in having great employees, team players, who put the customer first.


This philosophy allows us to build a model that no other group can match. Instead of having processes and policies that make our customers conform to how we do business, we allow our employees the freedom to cater to each customer individually, and conform to how they want to be treated and how they want to conduct business. The purchasing process should be fun and exciting! It’s an event that only happens every few years, and it is a large investment. Many people spend hours and hours per day in their vehicles. It is an important item in your life, just like your family and your home! For those reasons, we strive to make your purchasing experience second to none.

The Kaplan Commitment does not end there. These philosophies continue throughout your ownership experience. We have great employee loyalty which makes it very likely that you will deal with the same people throughout your ownership experience. Our parts and service personnel abide by the same principles as in the sales end, and we strive to personalize every experience to make every interaction with our group as pleasant as possible.

We are family, and the Kaplan Commitment is our way of extending our family values to all of our customers past, present and future.

Land Rover Norwood is located at: 449 Neponset St • Norwood, MA 02062
Land Rover Norwood 42.193140, -71.184880.